Our Program

The Three Elements of our Program

Promoting socialization
Detecting and addressing developmental opportunities to advance in their skills
Creating a quality living and educational environment that meets the needs and interests of each child

Our innovative program focuses on providing children with opportunities for active exploration and play that help foster your child’s wellness and success. The unique and individualized nature of our educational approach allows each child to know their body better, to identify their thoughts and ideas, and to express their emotions and feelings. This approach has also been fine tuned to comply with the Ministère de la Famille’s 5 Basic Principles:
  • 1. Each child is unique
  • 2. Children are the primary agents of their development
  • 3. Child development is a comprehensive, integrated process
  • 4. Children learn through play
  • 5. Cooperation between childcare personnel or home childcare providers and parents is essential for the harmonious development of the child

Parental Collaboration

We understand that good parent-centre partnerships are the best way to support children’s learning, development and wellbeing. Throughout the year, there are many opportunities for parents to get involved in the Centre:

  • → Parents’ Committee
  • → Volunteering (outings, classroom, field trips, etc.)
  • → Attending and participating in organized meetings and workshops
  • → Fundraisers
  • → Daily communication with Educators (agenda, intervention, observations, ideas/themes, reports, etc…)

Partnerships within the Community

To us, community means everything. We actively participate in the community life of our region; we promote the exchange of services and respond effectively to the needs of all. Some of our most meaningful collaborations include:

  • → Sharing a community garden with the McGill Daycare and Indigenous First Peoples’ House
  • → Collaborating with McGill University and the Students’ Society of McGill University for holiday themed events (ie. Halloween)
Daycare Educational Program