Our Safety

An Emotionally-Secure Environment

In our Centre, all staff members are passionate about creating an environment that is equally safe and stimulating. This approach, however, is not only a part of our broad goals as an organization. We strive to integrate into all aspects and day-to-day adult-child, child-child and adult-parent interactions.

When children experience warm, responsive, and secure relationships, it builds their confidence, sense of identity, belonging in a community, and trust in the world.

Safety Procedures and Precautions

In our facilities safety is a top priority! We take all precautionary measures to ensure utmost physical safety.

These are some of the actions and policies we are committed to and that help manifest a safe, hazard-free environment for your child:
  • → We maintain an educator-to-child ratio that complies with the regulations outlined by the Ministère de la Famille. This allows us to personalize and cater our care to your child’s needs.
  • → All our facilities are equipped with a lock system (keypad, buzzer system) on the doors to ensure the safety of the children.
  • → The Centre utilizes a punch code system for its main entry points into daycare spaces.
  • → We are prepared for every emergency!
  • → We implement a building evacuation procedure on a regular basis.
  • → All of our staff is First Aid trained, including a component on the management of severe allergic reactions.
  • → All personnel working for the daycare have been subject to a criminal check, as stipulated by the Ministère de la Famille.
  • → A first aid kit is also kept in every classroom and in the kitchen of the Centre.
  • → We take great care to enforce safety rules and the children are taught safety procedures to follow in case of danger.
  • → We understand how important outdoor play is to having a happy, healthy child. As such, we offer play-time in the fresh air in a secure, stimulating and developmentally appropriate environment.

Safety and Precautions during Field Trips

We recognize that education and development are cultivate in ways that extend beyond the classroom. We have four major excursions outside the Centre. Everyday, the educators and the children go outside to parks, library, museum, jazz festival and more. In situations as such, Educators are responsible for the safety and well-being of the children in each group and follow these procedures to ensure the safety of the children:

  • → The accompanying Educator carries a backpack with a first aid kit (including any necessary, prescribed medication belonging to the children such as puffers, EpiPens, etc), a cell phone and a list of emergency phone numbers.
  • → The environment is previously assessed for potential safety hazards;
  • → Areas for toileting, resting, eating, meeting and playing are established beforehand.
  • → Attendance will be taken multiple times throughout the day.
  • → While on walking trips Educators will model pedestrian safety and teach the children to only cross at the corner, when traffic signals indicate it is safe, and only after looking left, right and left again.
  • → Educators will keep younger children together on walking trips with the aid of a travel rope.