Our Activities

Daycare Activities

Our program is play-based and offers children a variety of activities that are developmentally appropriate and engaging. We are also flexible and ready to adapt to the interests of the children and their individual needs, as well as the weather, and various themes.

Schedule and structuring of activities is carefully balanced so that children can explore a variety of play experiences that promote their overall development. Here is a taste of some of the activities your child will enjoy:

→ Active/Physical Activities

→ Outdoor Play

→ Learning Centres

→ Quiet/Relaxing Activities

→ Small and Large Group Activities

→ Free Play and Exploration Activities

→ Outings & Field Trips

SSMU Daycare Activities and Routine (general sample)

Outdoor Actitivies

Educational outings happen a few times during the year. Outings are always mentioned in the monthly newsletter.

SSMU Daycare Outdoor Actitivies

Additional Actitivies

We offer a variety of first-hand experiences such as music class and French classes. These activities are equally enjoyable as they help your child develop skills for the future.

→ Music class

The Centre has music class every other Tuesday afternoon in each of the designate classrooms. During music class, our Music Specialist is focused on fostering development through care, learning and play opportunities. We will also introduce musical instruments and children will play music from all over the world.

→ French class

The Centre is an English based daycare that is inclusive to to families of all backgrounds. We believe strongly in the promotion of languages and their importance. We offer French classes to our older children ages 3-5 years old each Monday morning. Activity books, pictures, songs and stories are a few ways we help to encourage language.