General Information


→ Health Protocol

This Health Protocol has been assembled in order to give parents and educators accurate and complete information about the most common illnesses affecting young children. By reading this protocol it will be easier to make well informed decisions by parents about when to keep their child at home. As well, informed decisions can be made by educators about when to call a parent to pick-up a child from the daycare.

Health Protocol

→ Parent Handbook

This guide is designed to help parents understand the rules, regulations, policies, and protocols of our Centre that are in place to ensure that your child is receiving the best care possible. The information presented in this guide will ensure a successful transition from home, by offering your child a safe and supportive environment, filled with valuable experiences and opportunities to develop and grow.

Parents Handbook

→ Educational Program

Based on a comprehensive, child-centered approach, we nurture the child’s personal development across the emotional, social, moral, cognitive, linguistic, physical, and motor levels. Supporting children in a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment that promotes self-esteem and emphasizes child-selected and directed activities, is the cornerstone of our program.

Daycare Educational Program