Our History

SSMU Daycare History

  • 1997:

    Students approved a $3.00 fee per semester for the SSMU Daycare

  • 1999:

    Our Daycare was incorporated under Part III of the Quebec Companies Act

  • 2002:

    The SSMU Daycare began to operate on a part-time basis

  • 2004:

    The SSMU Daycare began to operate full-time through government subsidy and its integration as part of the Universal daycare plan

  • 2005:

    The student body voted the termination of the student daycare fee because the subsidy covered daycare operations

  • 2006:

    Students voted in favour of the collection of a $1.50 per semester fee

  • 2009:

    The SSMU Nursery opened to respond to the needs of the parents with children younger than 18 months

  • 2014:

    Students increase $1.00 the fee to continue the support to the SSMU Daycare