Norma – Teddy Bear Educator

Hola! 2018 will be my 18th year working as an educator in Canada and my 15th year working for the SSMU Daycare. I’m originally from Mexico and I was a kindergarten teacher there. I moved to Canada and I graduated from Vanier College with an attestation in Early Children Education. I love the hot weather of Mexico but I truly enjoy the 4 seasons that Montreal has throughout the year.

At SSMU I have a wonderful experience working both the Cuddly Cubs and Teddy Bears classrooms. It is fascinating to see them grow and when the children look back on their education they feel the love in their hearts, have a smile on their face and can truly say they knew that I cared for them. I believe that children can learn best through the active learning experience with people, events, ideas, math, science, writing and open-ended materials and activities. When I am not with the Teddy bears or planning awesome things for us to do at the Daycare, I enjoy going for walks, dining out, spending time with my dear family and friends or watching movies at home.