Melina – Baby Bears & Substitute Educator

When I was younger, I often dreamt of growing up and becoming something as inspiring as a teacher. I began this journey at SSMU as a stagier in the Baby Bears Nursery and was lucky to be offered a position shortly after finishing. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to work not only with the babies, but also with the toddlers in the Cuddly Cubs and the older children in the Teddy Bears. Although they are all very different age groups, I find myself loving the same qualities of each; their sense of humours, their brilliance and skill, their smiles and forms of affection. I love that while helping them develop and flourish, we can make each other’s day a little brighter with the smallest of gestures. I graduated from Vanier College with a DEC in Early Childhood Education. Working with children of all ages, has always been a passion of mine, and watching them blossom, grow, and find their interests over time is absolutely amazing. It’s been such a pleasure thus far to have been granted this opportunity to work alongside such fantastic children and I’m excited to continue on this path and see what else this journey has to offer.