The Centre de Garderie SSMU is a service constructed specifically for the e McGill community and our parents who study or work in that milieu. Although the Nursery and Daycare were created for the children of undergraduate students at McGill University, we welcome all parents who meet the following criteria, in order of priority:

  • a) Sister or brother with proof of status from McGill University (student); or a sibling that is already registered in the Centre in the same academic year
  • b) Full-time undergraduate student (12 credits or more)
  • c) Part-time undergraduate student (11 credits or less)
  • d) SSMU staff
  • e) Full-time graduate student
  • f) Part-time graduate student
  • g) Staff or faculty member of McGill University
  • h) A student at the school of continuing education
  • i) McGill undergraduate alumni who has graduated within the last 4 years
  • j) McGill post-graduate alumni who has graduated within the last 4 years

In all cases, the Centre uses Place 0-5 to determine the priority based on the priority list and the length of the waiting list.

Register your child on the Waiting List

Required Documents

→ The child’s original birth certificate
→ The parent(s) original birth certificate or proof of permanent residence or citizenship
→ The signed consent form verifying the parent’s status as a McGill University student or employee in accordance with the eligibility criteria
→ Application for reduced contribution (supporting documents)
→ The agreement and registration form
→ Medical information and immunization records
→ Forms for administering medication (acetaminophen, sunscreen and bug spray)
→ Authorization for outings, transportation, and field trips