Q:           How do I place my child on your waiting list?

A:            Click on the “Waiting list” menu to download an application form (please note that at this time, we are no longer accepting applications from parents who are not either students or staff/faculty at the University).

Q:           How old are the children at your daycare?

A:            Our centre holds two permits: one for 8 babies under the age of 18 months, and one for 32 children 18-60 months.  When you fill out a waiting list application, you are considered for both daycares.

Q:           How soon will my child get a spot in your daycare?

A:            McGill University students are given priority for spots at our daycare.  Due to this system of prioritization, it is impossible for us to provide you with a start date.

Q:           How much does your daycare cost?

A:            Parents who are eligible for the Reduced Contribution Programme (click here for more information) pay only $7.00 per day.  This includes two snacks, a hot lunch, and all educational materials.

Q:           Can I work at your daycare?                                                                      

A:            All our permanent educators are professionals in their field who have undergone extensive training and certification.  If you have a background in Early Childhood Education and/or relevant experience, please e-mail the manager with your CV.

Q:           Can I volunteer at your daycare?

A:            We have a limited number of volunteer openings at our daycare for McGill University students.  All volunteers must agree to have a police background check prior to volunteering.